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1991 Field Guide Comments, Updates and Errata
The Utah Rare Plant Guide ("URPG") was initially based upon and intended to be an update of the 1991 publication entitled Utah Endangered, Threatened and Sensitive Plant Field Guide by Atwood et al ("blue book"). The blue book was printed in a 9" x 7.75" 3-ring binder format with the idea of providing future updates and corrections. There were however no printed updates that were ever issued. The purpose of this section is therefore to provide some comments and historical background information to some updates that might have been made and/or to point out some of the relatively few errors contained in that pioneering guide.
  • One of the species included in the blue book that had no pictures was Astragalus barnebyi (currently recognized instead by some authors as A. desperatus var. conspectus). While A. barnebyi is still rare, it currently is not listed in the URPG. The link below contains the information as presented in the blue book but in the format of the URPG accompanied by pictures taken on April 22, 2006 (special thanks to Walt Fertig for his identification and field assistance).

    Astragalus barnebyi

  • The specific epithet in Draba pectinipila was misspelled as "pectiniphila." Further, D. pectinipila in fact does not occur in Utah; the taxon referred to in the blue book was Draba oligosperma var. juniperina (Dorn) S. Welsh or, Draba juniperina Dorn.
  • The closeup of Eriogonum batemanii var. ostlundii contained in the blue book was in fact not that taxon. E. batemanii var. ostlundii has white and not yellow flowers. Joel Tuhy noted this shortly after the original publication of the URPG and provided a replacement picture for the URPG.
  • While no pictures of Eriogonum soredium were included in the blue book, refer to the picture of Lepidium osterli in the blue book; the lower right hand corner appears to show at least in part, E. soredium.
  • The pictures included in the blue book for Pediomelum epipsilum were actually those of P. aromaticum var. barnebyi. In the URPG that switch was made and new pictures provided for P. epipsilum.
  • References to the genus Schoenocrambe in the blue book were incorrectly indicated as "Schoencrambe."
  • With reference to Sclerocactus pubispinus var. pubispinus as published in the blue book, cactus expert Dorde Woodruff in an August 2005 communication notes that "S. spinosior is not more abundant than S. pubispinus" yet S. spinosior was not included in the blue book. She further indicated that including a picture of a plant with pink flowers for S. pubispinus in the blue book was misleading because "it would only have pink flowers if it were a hybrid with S. spinosior" and she recommends that if re-added to the guide, a picture of a plant with yellow flowers would be more appropriate for S. pubispinus.
  • The flowering time for Pediocactus sileri was incorrectly listed as "June-August." This error has persisted until noticed and changed on 5/26/2010. That species in fact blooms much earlier, typically in April.
  • Carrington's daisy was included as Erigeron carringtonae Welsh which corresponds to the name as published in 1983 and as cited in the 1987 and 1993 versions of A Utah Flora, however, that name required correction under ICBN Art. 60.11 and should have been spelled as Erigeron carringtoniae Welsh (hence the change made in the on-line guide, and as referred to by Cronquist (1994) and ultimately in the 2003 and 2008 editions of A Utah Flora).

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